Duties of Township Supervisors

By law, supervisors “have charge of all town affairs not committed to other officers by law.” They were elected to make decisions on behalf of the town and must see to it that the town fulfills its duties to the state and to the town residents. Common duties include awarding contracts, authorizing expenditures, adopting ordinances and resolutions, and setting policy. A chair is chosen from the three supervisors (Manual on Town Government 2017).

In order for a town to function efficiently, the Great Scott Township Clerk performs a variety of duties including:
1. Records minutes of all town meetings and keeps a record of all of the town’s proceedings.
2. Retains custody of the town’s records, books, and papers and files them in the clerk’s office.
3. Posts township notices and furnishes the town board with any documents needed for township meetings.
4. Hires election judges and is responsible for all local, state, and national elections. Must also attend required election training.
5. Prepares the necessary documents for the annual meeting.
6. Creates a quarterly newsletter.

The Great Scott Township Treasurer handles all financial affairs of the town.
Primary duties are:
1. Receives and takes charge of all money belonging to the town.
2. Pays out all money as directed by the township board.
3. Preserves all financial paperwork and keeps records showing how all money is disbursed.
4. Draws the town’s money from the county treasurer.
5. Creates a statement indicating all money received and a! money paid out as town treasurer. This statement is to be prepared and filed with the town clerk five days preceding the annual town meeting.

The Great Scott Township Foreman has a variety of duties, which include:
1. Maintains and keeps an inventory of all vehicles and equipment.
2. Maintains all township buildings and grounds and keeps work areas clean and safe.
3. Maintains all township roads and right-of-ways and prepares an annual bridge report.
4. Provides the township clerk with copies of appropriate licenses necessary to operate township equipment.
5. Provides safety equipment for all workers.
6. Reports all accidents to the township clerk, no matter how incidental.
7. Calls out plow drivers, operators, etc. and supervises all part-time and summer youth workers.
8. Posts informational papers at designated sites.