Governance of Township Board

In Great Scott Township, citizens elect representatives who are responsible for conveying the concerns and interests of those they represent. Five residents from Great Scott Township are elected to serve as officers of the township board. Included are three supervisors, one treasurer, and one clerk. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Great Scott Township Hall in Kinney to conduct the town’s business. Only the town supervisors are authorized to vote on issues before the board.

Traditionally the second Tuesday in March is Town Election Day. Each year at least one supervisor position and a clerk or treasurer position is on the ballot. Also, the annual town meeting is held on this day where residents have direct input into the current issues of the town. This meeting is also called “the people’s meeting” and therefore regarded as grassroots government. At the annual meeting, residents can become an active participant by asking questions, suggesting ideas, or getting involved with discussion items. A resident is selected from those present to run the meeting.

All townships are subject to the Minnesota Open Meeting Law. This means that all meetings of the town board and any official township committees must be accessible to members of the public and be preceded by proper notice. The open meeting law requires that minutes be kept and that they be posted for review by members of the public (Minnesota Association of Townships).