Township Services

Some of the services that are offered in Great Scott Township are:

1. Improvements to bridges, roads, and culverts are routinely inspected and made when necessary. Snowplow services are available to township residents who complete a waiver and pay an annual fee.

2. Fire protection is provided by the Kinney-Great Scott Volunteer Fire Department. There are three fire stations that are located within the township: one is in the City of Kinney, one is in the northern part of the service area of St. Louis County Highway 25, and one is in the southern part of the service area on St. Louis County Highway 25. Law enforcement services are provided by the St. Louis County Sheriffs Department.

3. Two solid waste canister sites are located in Great Scott Township. The north site is located at 7075 Highway 25 and the south site is located at 9619 Bonner Road. Days and hours of operation are posted on the site and in the quarterly newsletter. A spring door-to-door cleanup is held annually for the residents.

4. Important notices are posted on Great Scott Township’s website at Township announcements are also posted on the north and south canister sites and in the quarterly newsletter.

5. Two facilities, the Great Scott Township Hall, and the Library are located in Kinney. The town hall houses the township offices, holds the official polling place for elections, and hosts the annual kids’ Halloween and Christmas parties. Residents can also rent the township hall for special occasions. The Library is open to all township residents.
6. Great Scott Township provides part-time, summer work opportunities for its teenagers.